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When booking the pool in advance if you do not show up for your scheduled rental more than two times without contacting us, you will no longer be able to book in advance without paying in advance.  
Hello Everyone, we hope you enjoy your pool rentals.  Just a few things, please pickup after your dogs.  We are not a public pool, there is no lifeguard on site.  No children are allowed in the pool or on the dock unless they are handling a dog.  No Children unsupervised in or the around dock.  We encourage you to get in and help your dog enjoy it's pool time, but please limit the amount of people, to those assisting the dog.  No Human Floatation devises allowed. We are no longer allowing dog and people swimming parties.  If you are a trainer needing to work with multiple dogs, please email us.  We are happy to work with training groups, but are no longer allowing large groups of people to swim with their dogs.  THERE IS A 24 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY.  THIS IS TO GIVE US ENOUGH NOTICE TO FILL YOUR SPACE.  See your confirmation email for details.  
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